Saturday, September 6, 2008

Small steps

The work these days is done in smaller increments.  Big things - digging a basement, raising a wall - those are behind us now.  There's still a lot happening, but on a smaller scale.

We have toilets!  And the self-lowering lids work as specified.  No seat slams.

We don't have a water pump yet, so we don't have running water. That's another step somewhere down the road. But one question I have is why the water heater is connected to the furnace . . .

I have mentioned that we're scavenging water from the roof. A preliminary calculation says that an inch of rain will provide about 1800 gallons of water, from the whole roof area.

A delivery of water is 2000 gallons, and about $65. We will be doing rather well, especially in the springtime. The two 5000-gallon cisterns are here, with round caps poking up above the ground. Bettie calls these "industrial". We'll have to do something to soften that look up.

Outside the house, they have finally covered over the leopard wall, at the carport.

Inside, the little closet in the master bedroom has shelves on two walls

We're still not sure what we're going to do with the sloped floor, if anything.

And saving the best for last, two views of the hallway. This is from the great room looking toward the carport, wood the natural color.

And now from the other direction, with stain, from Bettie's cell phone camera.

They will be putting on clear coats Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week, and the floors should be ready for traffic on Friday.

Most pictures from Labor Day, Monday Sep 1, 2008. Final picture from Friday 9/5.