Friday, April 18, 2008

It lives!

Well, at least the driveway part of it.

Bettie says (in her best Veggie Tales voice) "Have we got a driveway for you!!".

Bettie took some of these pictures on 4/10/08, and we both met with our builder on 4/14/08.

Here's the lower end of the driveway.

The pile of gravel is to keep out random trespassers. The poles and the yellow tape are to help the heavy equipment stay where it should be (up, not down, not part down). And the rest of the driveway is real rocks! They're big, and hard to walk on, but this is a real driveway.

This is just coming out of the first curve. They did some serious cutting into the left wall (going up) to get the driveway flat.

This is around the next curve, opening up onto the property. Nothing's been done up top yet.

This reminds me of David Macaulay's Locating the Vanishing Point. But that's the way it is right now.

Here I am walking down the driveway. And the little walls on that little bridge don't look so impressive when I think about a car going downhill on snow or ice.

It's getting real!!

This is our "Bettie, Steve, and the driveway" picture. As if you couldn't tell.

We had to place the house on the property, so they can start digging the basement. Bettie had the idea of basing the placement on the view from our living room window. These are tent poles with paper grocery bags providing visual differentiation. We're inside the house, looking out over the property.

Looking at the house from the outside. That's Steve on the right.

And Bettie on the left.

I didn't change positions.

Bettie and the builder. The orange-topped stakes are the corners of the house - living room up close, dining room farther back.

And to wind things up, a far shot, from the end of the property. You can see the grocery bag banners in the distance.