Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another SYRMW so NHH

That would be Snowy Yucky Rainy Muddy Week, and Nothing Has Happened.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wet and yucky, but panoramic

The past few weeks have been pretty bad, weather-wise, and the builder hasn't done much on the driveway. There will be a few pictures up soon, but we're talking about new piles of rocks, or piles of rocks with snow on them. We don't have grandchildren, and we don't have cats, so we show people pictures of every incremental change on the property. Eventually.

But the down-time has allowed me to create a panorama of the property. This is from pictures taken February 2, and is put together using a program called AutoStitch. And it's neat - I tossed it 17 pictures, tweaked a few settings, let it go, and came out with this. I added the point-of-interest captions (in yellow) later. The pic is about 5 meg, so it may take a bit to load. And it's best viewed at full size (or maybe 50%) to read the words. If you try to take in all its goodness on a single screen, you'll see yellow blurs where something happened. And I left the scalloped edges of the pictures in so there's more information, and to keep the tops of some trees.

When you zoom in (the blue magnifying glass toward the upper right) you will be standing in the master bath, looking out the back of the house. This is the center of the panorama - the tour starts on the far left of the photo and continues to the far right. Downloading the pic will let you use your favorite viewer (or editor, if your initials are DW).

Next time, I'll go portrait mode and use more pictures. That should allow both earth and sky to show. And doing it on a tripod will provide some uniformity.

Tech note: uploading a 5.8M picture directly into Blogger resulted in an 85K panorama, with less-than-perfect translation. Bzzzzzt. Using Picasa's web album and linking to the picture (uploaded at largest size) worked just fine. Thanks, Google!